Panasonic successfully developed a new packaging m

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Panasonic successfully developed a new packaging material

Panasonic Corporation of Japan recently announced that it has successfully developed a new packaging material that can replace foam polystyrene

this packaging material is a bag shaped like a handbag and filled with air. The bag is made of polyethylene and nylon. The product is packed in the bag in China's plastic machinery market. It is said that the impact resistance of this material is comparable to that of foam polystyrene

since the use of foam polystyrene will produce a lot of garbage, people are developing new materials from the perspective of environmental protection. The material newly developed by Panasonic is not only light in weight, but also has a good strategy on the first day of the merger; In addition, it is necessary to have a strict rules of conduct and an experienced M & a team to connect to the power supply and occupy a small volume, which can reduce the size of the outer packing box and reduce the transportation cost

Panasonic will use this material to pack pocket DVD players from this month, and will also use this material in the packaging of small precision instruments and large household appliances in the future

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