Panasonic wants to be a model enterprise of enviro

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Panasonic wants to be a model enterprise of China's environmental contribution

at the "Panasonic · China Environmental Forum 2009", Panasonic announced that it would become a model enterprise of China's environmental contribution. The three major measures of "product", "manufacturing" and "education" will be taken as the main axis to carry out various activities throughout the country

the continuous introduction of top-level energy-saving products can also increase the torsional stiffness and strength of the car body, and all products will pass the "energy efficiency mark" certification promoted by the Chinese government. In terms of energy conservation of equipment, energy generation, energy storage and energy management

provide "green manufacturing" and make full use of Panasonic's long-term training of technology and talents in plant environmental management. Train Chinese factory technicians, send special technicians to train environmental personnel in government departments, and provide basic information, professional technology and specific cases of environmental management such as CO2 reduction

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in terms of education, Panasonic will cultivate children's environmental awareness in public places, and plans to cultivate a total of 1million people within 10 years

in addition, in order to reduce local CO2 and improve the natural environment, Panasonic has carried out tree planting activities and will plant 1million trees in 10 years

in addition, Panasonic has taken the lead in implementing environmental protection activities in China. Since April 2007, Panasonic has carried out the full staff environmental operation action of "China's green enterprises are not only corporate profits as the main purpose color plan" for three consecutive years. In September of the same year, the "roller stripping experiment Panasonic group · China Environment Forum 2007" was held and the "Declaration of China's environmental contribution enterprises" was issued to accelerate a series of environmental activities

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