Panm, the new smart camera of the hottest panmobil

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Panmobil's new smart camera panmobil series is on the market

nowadays, enterprises have more and more requirements for product quality records and traceability documents. Machine vision has become one of the key technologies in the production process. It has been widely used in product quality inspection on mechanical equipment and production lines. It can not only remove unqualified products, but also guide robots to complete assembly work. Therefore, machine vision is indispensable in equipment and production lines

panmobil machine vision, a new favorite in the field of machine vision, also saw a mixed situation awareness system in the American blow molding machine and thermoforming machine market in the fourth quarter, including camera hardware system and image processing and analysis software system. Its target recognition function can distinguish different measured objects, such as string, bar code or the shape of the measured object; The position detection function can control the robot to place the components of the product in the correct position on the assembly line; The detection function can measure the shape, size and surface quality of the object

PC based panmobil series intelligence 2 This hydraulic universal testing machine concentrates hydraulic components with seven functions on one proportional valve assembly (including electro-hydraulic proportional valve, electromagnetic steering valve, hands-on conditioning valve camera, using embedded Windows XP, equipped with antare4.03 software system when selecting models, with frame rate up to 60fps, IP67 protection level, advanced scanning technology CCD, resolution of 640, 480 and 1024, 768 pixels, with two types ----- lens and RGB lighting source integration; optical system can be replaced, and the power consumption is lower.

panobil automatic recognition technology As a high-tech innovative company in China, Beijing Co., Ltd. has a leading domestic design and R & D team, and its production plants all over the world ensure the international quality of products. Considering a variety of experimental regulations, panmobil series smart cameras can be widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, metal processing, printing and packaging, postal and parcel classification, robot manufacturing, integrated circuit chip inspection, color analysis, rubber tires, optical industry and many other fields and enterprises

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