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Waste plastics industry starts the conversion of old and new kinetic energy

the figure shows the production line of high-performance fibers produced by high-value utilization of waste plastics

in public view, waste plastic recycling is often equated with garbage collection, giving people a bad impression of "scattered pollution"

with the promulgation of the "waste prohibition order" and other policies, foreign solid plastic waste can no longer become the source of raw materials for China's waste plastic industry. It is necessary to speed up the search for local raw material sources, and the waste plastic industry is facing unprecedented changes and adjustments

self built recycling system to make up for the shortcomings of domestic raw materials

at the beginning of the 2018 new year, the employees of Longfu Huanneng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as longfu Huanneng) were particularly excited

originally, a report on building a provincial waste plastic recycling system and creating a development model for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy (hereinafter referred to as the "report") submitted by the enterprise was approved by the main leaders of Shandong provincial government, which proposed that enterprises such as longfu Huanneng should do a good job of normative guidance and policy support for the self built waste plastic recycling system

soon, Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, national development and Reform Commission, Department of finance, Department of environmental protection and other nine departments jointly issued the "opinions on supporting key enterprises to pilot the construction of waste plastic recycling system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), and identified longfu Huanneng as a demonstration base for the construction of renewable resources (waste plastics) recycling system in Shandong Province to carry out pilot projects

the "opinions" proposed to encourage and support the enterprise to try first, adjust measures to local conditions, form replicable and popularized experience that can be used for reference, promote the development of renewable resources industry in the direction of agglomeration and specialization, and play a demonstration role for other enterprises in the province to do a good job in renewable resources recycling

it is understood that before the end of 2017, according to the requirements of the implementation plan for prohibiting the entry of foreign garbage and promoting the reform of the solid waste import management system issued by the State Council, the import of waste plastics, unsorted waste paper and textile waste will be prohibited. At present, some enterprises in Shandong Province have carried out resource-based and high-value utilization of imported solid waste, which has formed a large industrial scale. With the adjustment of relevant national policies, it has a great impact on such enterprises

"in the past, 70% of the raw materials of enterprises were imported. Since the start of this year, except for a small amount of inventory as the source of import, the raw materials are all from China, and the price has also increased by more than 1000 yuan per ton compared with last year." Wang Yaocun, the assistant manager of Longfu Huanneng 3, told that at present, the construction of domestic renewable resource recovery system is not perfect, the recovery rate of waste plastics is low, and the waste of resources is serious. Therefore, the self built recycling system is also a strategic choice for the rapid development of enterprises

the development of scattered pollution to high-value

according to the implementation plan for the construction of the recycling system proposed by longfuhuanneng in the report, the enterprise will rely on the existing 200000 ton waste plastic high-value utilization base in northern Shandong (Binzhou), build another 200000 ton waste plastic high-value utilization base in eastern Shandong (Qingdao Jimo), and build 100000 ton comprehensive waste plastic sorting and distribution centers in central Shandong, Southeast Shandong and Southwest Shandong respectively, Supporting the construction of intelligent warehousing and logistics system, covering 17 cities in the province, all cities cooperate to set up sorting and packaging stations according to local conditions

it is expected that by the end of 2020, all recycling systems will be completed and put into operation. By then, 700000 tons of waste plastics will be recycled and used in a high-value way, with an output value of nearly 6billion yuan and profits and taxes of 600million yuan

"waste plastic recycling enterprises that are as extensive as before and gain benefits at the expense of the environment will be eliminated." Compared with the standard revised in 2003, Wang Yaocun believes that the future waste plastic recycling industry will be small and scattered, dirty and messy, and develop to high-value. In detail, there are the following directions: first, promote the new mode of "interconnection", optimize resources, reduce intermediate links in the industry, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs through information technology. Second, from the small-scale and low-level factory building of PVC waterproof roll gb12952 (2) 003 to the high-level, centralized and large-scale park construction, improve the sorting technology level and recycling rate, so that the waste plastic industry can truly play the role of environmental protection and resource conservation. Third, from simple processing to deepening the industrial chain to produce high value-added products

according to the opinions, in order to enhance the demonstration effect and build a waste plastic recycling system with high quality and high standards, the provincial economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision will take the lead to issue local standards or group standards for waste plastic recycling in Shandong Province, so as to bring the construction of the provincial renewable resources recycling system and industrial development into the standardized management track as soon as possible. At the same time, small enterprises and business operators engaged in the recycling and processing of scattered, disordered and polluted materials will be treated in a normalized and centralized manner, and a number of leading enterprises such as Daolong fuhuanneng, a solid lime sand brick made from the preparation of warp guide blanks, suppression molding and autoclave curing, will be encouraged to merge and reorganize those with recycling conditions, so as to standardize the orderly development of the renewable resources industry

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