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Waste rock wool turns into a new high-efficiency heavy metal remediation agent

it is learned from Hefei Institute of material science, Chinese Academy of Sciences that Wu Zhengyan, a researcher at the Institute of technology and biology of the Academy, has developed a new type of remediation agent that can effectively remove heavy metals from water and soil by using waste rock wool. This achievement is useful for promoting the recycling and parameters of waste materials with strong flexibility: recycling, It is of great significance to ensure the environment and food security. The relevant achievements have been accepted and published by the Journal of chemical engineering, an authoritative journal in the field of chemical engineering

industrial activities such as electroplating and mining and beneficiation have caused regional water and soil chromium pollution, leading to the phenomenon of excessive chromium in grain from time to time, which seriously threatens human health and has become a key problem to be solved in the field of agriculture and environment in China. At present, reducing agents such as nano iron are usually used to reduce high toxic hexavalent chromium to low toxic trivalent chromium. However, nano iron is easy to agglomerate, which seriously affects its reduction efficiency. Therefore, carrier materials are often used to improve the dispersion of nano iron. However, these carriers have high cost and complex process to varying degrees, which greatly limits the wide application of this method and has become a key technical bottleneck in the field of chromium pollution control. It is urgent to develop low-cost and high-efficiency carrier materials

rock wool is a common inorganic building material, which urgently needs to vigorously develop the new material industry. China produces a large number of waste rock wool every year. They are usually directly stacked or buried, which not only takes up a lot of space, but also causes certain environmental pollution

researchers have carried out a series of physical and chemical modifications on waste rock wool to prepare carrier materials with a large number of micro and nano pores and functional groups. The material can greatly improve the dispersion of nano iron, and the nano iron loaded on it can prepare a new heavy metal repair agent. The repair agent can effectively grab and reduce hexavalent chromium, control its migration, so as to inhibit the uptake of chromium by crops and improve food security. At the same time, researchers have developed a new filtration system using the repair agent as a filter element, providing a light and simplified solution for the treatment of chromium containing industrial wastewater. This method is simple, low-cost and reusable, which provides an effective technical supply for the treatment of heavy metal pollution in water and soil, and provides a new way for the recycling of waste rock wool

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