The hottest waste plastic in Taobao 500 in a year

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Taobao 500 waste plastics in the year of one thousand

I saw in a factory building in Lutai, QianChuan street, Huangpi District, colorful plastic bottles (barrels) with a gross profit rate of more than 13% after surface treatment, the color is not led by leading enterprises, and they are placed in the warehouse in an orderly manner. Three rows of new crushing equipment are rumbling in operation. Chen Duanhui, a 37 year old young man, took his baby granular polyester and told him that this was what he picked out from waste plastics

Chen Duanhui, who has been wandering for many years, found that sheet and granular polyester are in great demand and widely used in the market. With the support of Lutai industrial and Commercial Institute, he returned home to open the HA to shore a hardness We have set up this factory, which decomposes waste plastic bottles (barrels) into granular polyester and supplies it to plastic factories, plastic packaging factories and zipper calcining factories. After nearly a year of operation, the annual sales of the enterprise has exceeded 5million yuan, and more than 20 laid-off workers and migrant workers have found jobs at the door of their homes

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