The hottest waste plastic bottle becomes Nokia mob

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Waste plastic bottles become Nokia materials

Nokia spokesperson said that although environmental protection is still at the conceptual level and cannot be used commercially, it conveys a new concept that waste materials can be used for recycling. Olli Kallasvuo, CEO of Nokia, said at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that environmental protection can reduce the harm to natural resources, reduce the underground burial of waste products and improve the utilization rate of products

Nokia supports the cause of environmental protection by launching this product called remade. All parts of this product can be recycled. The parts are made of discarded aluminum cans and plastic water bottles, and the key pads are made of old car tires. In addition, Nokia and Asia will also use environmental protection technologies such as printable thin-film electronics to save energy

last year, Nokia introduced a concept called eco sensor with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, which can automatically test the user's physical condition, current environment and local weather. The display is driven by solar cells and has high-definition image quality

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