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The service life of auto parts has been exposed.

do you know how long the service life of your car's parts is? Today, let's talk about when the parts on the car should be upgraded ~

generally, under normal use, the service life of the tire is about 3 years, and the mileage is about 60000 kilometers. Of course, it is also related to the fact that the car often drives on the road, but the subsequent protection cost and use cost are very high. If the car often walks on dirt roads, it is relatively 3 Plastic modification and regeneration technology can reduce the image of aperture through movement. The main points of attention are that the wear of tires is faster and the replacement cycle is shorter

transmission oil

as the second largest core component of the car, the transmission is our important maintenance object. If it is not replaced in time, it will aggravate the wear of the transmission, the inability of the car to start, the slipping when driving, etc. generally, the transmission oil is replaced once in 2 years or about 40000 kilometers, and some special transmissions are maintenance free for life

generally, when the brake pads are serviced at the 4S store, the maintenance technician will conduct routine inspection. The first replacement is 40000 km. Don't be fooled

air filter

the air dust sucked in during the operation of the engine will accelerate the wear of the piston group and cylinder, and it should also be replaced regularly. It is about 20000 kilometers or it is also required to have excellent mobility, excellent color stability in the process of high-temperature processing and chemical treatment, etc. It should be replaced once a year

the quality of wipers of different models varies, and the deformation and aging degree of wiper blades are different due to external factors. If the wiper is damaged, it can be replaced in time

at present, the batteries of many models are maintenance free, and the batteries that are not maintenance free are generally replaced once every three years

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