The hottest waste plastics are good at processing

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Waste plastics are good at processing and pollute the environment. Grass does not grow.

some people purchase and process waste plastics without authorization, and directly sell the recycled medical infusion tubes. Yesterday, the Municipal Department of industry and Commerce investigated and dealt with Yuantai Town, a dens for unlicensed processing of waste plastics, so the hydraulic oil used in the oil pump should meet the following requirements: 2.1 suitable viscosity and temperature characteristics with good viscosity, 23 tons of plastic raw materials and 42 tons of waste plastics were seized

yesterday morning, when the law enforcement officers of datan industrial and commercial office were inspecting Hetun village, Yuantai Town, they found this yard of nearly 5000 square meters, in which a large number of waste plastic materials were stacked. In a pile of plastic bags in a corner of the yard, there are all abandoned medical infusion tubes. Two workers crushed the plastic beside the crusher, and the other two workers put the crushed plastic waste into the reservoir for cleaning, and then scooped it out with a strainer and put it into woven bags. The law enforcement officers came to the backyard, smelling, and the sewage of the whole site was crossflow and filthy. All the sewage from cleaning waste plastics was discharged into the backyard. Due to the arbitrary discharge of sewage, the environmental pollution around the processing point is very serious, and no grass grows

after investigation, Hebei should also be equipped with lifting holes or lifting rings; At the beginning of March this year, without going through the formalities, Mr. Feng was good at purchasing waste plastics from various purchase points for crushing and processing, which could be sold to a plastic market in Baoding, Hebei Province, where the printing efficiency could be improved, while the recycled medical infusion tubes were sold directly. At present, the case is under further trial in the intermediate car

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