The hottest waste plastic industry is at a low ebb

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The waste plastics industry is at a low ebb, and enterprises are determined to change and seek upgrading

most of China's waste plastics industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, which are faced with a series of problems, such as lack of financial support, backward technology, poor innovation ability, lack of talents, backward management and so on. Under the new economic state, what changes need to be made by waste plastics enterprises standing at the "crossroads" of transformation and upgrading

at present, the whole waste plastic industry will affect customers' orders at a low stage, the downstream demand is not strong, and the trade volume of the industry will drop significantly. In such an embarrassing situation, some enterprises choose to withdraw from the market, while others choose to continue to stick to it and look forward to the day when the market warms up. Entrepreneurs who choose to wait, even if this crisis has survived, what about next time, next time? At this time, in addition to sticking to it, we need to make some changes

the waste plastic industry is at a low point, and enterprises are determined to change and seek upgrading.

in fact, China's waste plastic industry is in a relatively chaotic state. Most of the enterprises in this industry are small and medium-sized enterprises. Although there are many "little giants", there are no real "giant" enterprises. "Giant" enterprises can lead the whole industry forward and avoid the industry falling into difficulties and confusion. Even in the industry downturn, "it is difficult to think that this is a high-tech enterprise that can" turn corruption into strangeness ". There are several differences between the screw rods of the machine and the relevant instructions for everyone." enterprises can drive the upstream and downstream enterprises of the whole industrial chain to survive smoothly through their own adjustment

since most of the waste plastic industry are small and medium-sized enterprises, they must face the following difficulties:

first, enterprises lack financial support. Due to the weak capital strength of most enterprises, the small popularity of the market, and it is difficult to get the support of commercial banks, coupled with the excessive concentration of loan approval authority of state-owned commercial banks, the lack of independent decision-making power at the grass-roots level, and the strict credit investigation system is contrary to the objective risks in loan management, most small and medium-sized enterprises simply cannot lend. On the other hand, the overall quality of small and medium-sized enterprises is not high, the product profit margin is low, and a considerable number of small and medium-sized enterprises' financial systems are not perfect, which affects the development of credit business. According to preliminary statistics, more than 90% of the funds of small and medium-sized enterprises come from raising funds within the enterprise, family and friends, as well as various abnormal channels (such as private high interest loans, savings, etc.), which not only increase the operating costs of enterprises, but also disrupt the normal financial order

secondly, enterprises are backward in technology and poor in innovation ability. The waste plastic industry has made great progress after 30 years of development. But on the whole, the waste plastic industry is still in its infancy, and there is still much room for improvement. Most small and medium-sized enterprises, even some large enterprises, use relatively backward equipment for a long time, do not pay attention to the internal talent training of enterprises, and it is more difficult to have their own R & D institutions, technological inventions and patented products. The products they produce can only be used at the lowest end, which is far from "innovation"

third, lack of talents and backward management. Talent training is also a key issue for enterprises to make great progress. However, on the one hand, due to the deviation of understanding and the lack of necessary guarantee mechanism, it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to absorb the talents they need. On the other hand, many small and medium-sized enterprises believe in the strategy of profit as king, do not pay attention to talent development, and only focus on immediate interests

fourth, the industry competition is disordered and the market is chaotic. In order to compete for the market, small and medium-sized enterprises of the same kind are competing to hold down prices. In order to obtain certain profits while maintaining a low price, some enterprises cut corners on production and reduce product quality, which has disturbed the social market order to a certain extent. At the same time, this unfair competition leads to excessive competition in the product market, and small and medium-sized enterprises themselves are more passive, making it more difficult to operate. In addition, due to the price increase, the number of customers who agreed to accept the price increase was reduced, which further thinned the profits of the enterprise, led to the loss of business and even closed the door, and troubled the business development and even survival of the enterprise

finally, the government support is uneven, and the society has widespread discrimination against the industry. The waste gas and water produced in the process of waste plastic recycling and processing will cause a certain degree of pollution to the environment, which must be treated by relevant environmental protection equipment. However, in the early stage of the development of the industry, most enterprises did not install expensive environmental protection equipment due to cost considerations, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding environment, which should be solid and reliable, causing the local people to have deep dissatisfaction with the industry. Coupled with the determination of the central government to environmental regulation and the negative reports of the relevant media, waste plastic gathering areas often become key inspection areas, affecting the normal production of enterprises

under the new economic normal, what changes need to be made by waste plastic enterprises standing at the "crossroads" of transformation and upgrading

first, change from family management to modern management. Many enterprises in the field of waste plastics are family businesses, some are mom and pop stores, some are brother stores, and some are father and son stores. The key functional departments are also controlled by relatives in the family. Although family management can enhance the cohesion and identity of enterprises, reduce the resistance to decision-making, and avoid the capital and credit risks brought by market uncertainty in the early stage of the establishment of enterprises, with the development and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, the continued use of this management model will ignore the construction and management of enterprise democracy system, the prevalence of personal arbitrary style of leadership decision-making, suppress the development of lower level talents, and then lead to the division of enterprises. It can be seen that if small and medium-sized enterprises want to achieve long-term development, they must complete the transformation from family management to modern management

secondly, strengthen innovation. For a long time, China's "Shanzhai" ability has stunned outsiders and embarrassed Chinese people. Using cheap means to "Shanzhai" the popular products of other companies can increase the income of enterprises. This situation is pursued in many industries in China, let alone in a non sophisticated industry such as waste plastics. In fact, the current industry downturn should be a wake-up call for entrepreneurs. It is precisely because some entrepreneurs only use simple production processes to process a single product that they fall into trouble or even bankruptcy. Innovation can not only improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary waste, but also enable enterprises to stand up when the industry is at a low ebb and truly "don't ask for people"

third, operate with integrity. Only honesty can create a good image of an enterprise, which is also conducive to the business development of the enterprise. The rapid development of China's economy has made many enterprises forget their interests and hindered their long-term development. Especially in the waste plastic industry, fraud is often seen. I once heard the boss of an international futures company say to the author that they purchase goods from abroad and sum up two kinds of don't do: one is not to be Chinese, and the other is not to be colored. People in this industry don't even believe the Chinese themselves. It can be seen that the situation is serious. This also reminds enterprises in the industry that they should not cut off their development path because of temporary interests

finally, strict self-discipline and change the public image. The reason why the waste plastic industry is viewed with colored glasses is that some illegal enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection in order to pursue interests, which causes legal enterprises to pay for illegal acts. Therefore, in addition to complaining, entrepreneurs need to start with internal self-discipline, standardize their own operations in strict accordance with the requirements of the state, and make sure that real gold is not afraid of fire

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