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Glass body + vertical dual camera iPhone 8 prototype exposure

according to the annual practice, Apple will release a new generation of iPhone in September this year. It is still a few months before the press conference. According to the current information, Apple will come up with a surprise based on the regular update iteration. In other words, at the autumn press conference, we will not only see the iPhone 7S series, but also the iPhone 10th anniversary (temporarily called iPhone 8)

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iPhone 8 prototype

some time ago, the design drawings of iPhone 8 were exposed, and enthusiastic friends also rendered a wave according to the drawings. But it was quickly refuted by sources: the iPhone 8 obviously will not use a metal body design, but a glass body

not surprisingly, a few days ago, a foreigner exposed a group of pictures on the social platform and lifted the pen, which was suspected to be the prototype of iPhone 8. It is reported that this prototype is made according to Foxconn's internal information, so it has high reliability. From the picture, the machine adopts a black curved glass body, and the middle frame should be made of stainless steel. The most obvious thing is the vertical double photography. As for the positive, there is not much valuable information

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