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waste plastic film is recycled and processed into various plastic products

in Gaozhaigou village, Huan County, the Organization Department of the provincial Party committee coordinated and supported the village to adopt the cooperative model of how to eliminate the failure of the testing machine by shares, and established the Ruili renewable resources professional cooperative in Huan County. Over the past two years, the cooperative has recycled more than 2800 tons of waste agricultural film, and L) curve traversal: 840 tons of recycled plastic particles are produced after the experiment is completed, realizing a comprehensive sales revenue of 5.208 million yuan and a net profit of 672000 yuan. Many poor households increase their income by selling waste agricultural film through equity participation

in interviews in some places, it was found that the waste agricultural film scattered in the fields in the past was very rare, and the waste agricultural film was recycled and processed into various plastic products; Waste steel, beer bottles and plastic bottles littered in front of and behind rural houses are also difficult to find, and they are picked up by farmers to sell money...

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