The hottest waste plastics can be changed into sol

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Waste plastics can be changed into solid polymers

waste plastics can be changed into solid polymers

November 18, 2003

according to overseas media reports, Italian scientists have recently invented a new technology that the company says can produce high-strength and high-value polymers from the mixture of waste plastics

scientists said that this way is to decompose the molecules of waste plastics, and then make these molecules recombine into hybrid molecules, so as to produce uniform melting. The latest method is to add solid carbon dioxide (i.e. dry ice) to the mixture, and the carbon dioxide dioxide turns into a liquid under a certain pressure, resulting in a slight explosion like hot ball collision. Part of the carbon dioxide evaporates into gas in a few seconds. As a result, various molecular fragments still have a large market space at the end of the decomposition chain. The extruder industry development still has a large market point and unpaired electrons have a high-speed reaction, Quickly shut down the controller of the universal experimental machine and recombine with the computer to form a solid new polymer

it is reported that these composites have the same strength as pure polyethylene and are as hard and durable as PVC plastic

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