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In the development of fine chemical industry clusters, Diao Town, Zhangqiu City has made great efforts to build a collaboration chain, extend the industrial chain, and strengthen the innovation chain, so as to promote enterprise collaboration, improve development efficiency, create a situation of benign interaction between "chain" and "group", and realize the breakthrough transformation from enterprise cluster to industrial cluster

create a collaboration chain: reduce costs and optimize configuration

Diaozhen Chemical Park gathers six enterprises with sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan, including Shengquan group, Mingquan chemical, Riyue chemical, Shengbang LVYE, China fluorochemical, and China fluorochemical, aiming to achieve environmental protection and high performance of polymer surface materials. Diao town's decision-makers realized that a simple cluster of enterprises is not an industrial cluster. Enterprises in the park must deepen cooperation and complement each other's advantages in order to give full play to the agglomeration effect. To this end, the township government actively built an enterprise cooperation platform to help guide enterprises in the park to carry out cooperation from the aspects of energy and raw materials, and establish a horizontal cooperation chain of "information interaction, energy sharing, raw material mutual use, and joint development", which effectively improved the relevance of enterprises. At present, the enterprises in Diaozhen chemical park are connected by pipelines, and the pushing force of the previous enterprise can also indicate that the layered products are the raw materials of the next enterprise, thus forming a highly related, mutually dependent and rolling value-added rilsan PA11 polyamide, which provides excellent temperature performance and fine chemical industry "interconnection". "Through enterprise cooperation, LVYE saved 4.2 million yuan a year." In Shandong Shengbang LVYE Co., Ltd., manager Tan Shengwei calculated a cost account: the enterprise uses 60000 tons of steam annually, which is directly transported by Shengquan group in the park through pipelines, saving 3million yuan in heat cost; The annual purchase of hydrogen peroxide is 1500 tons, which is provided by Riyue chemical industry in the park, saving transportation costs of 1.2 million yuan. The sum of the two saved 4.2 million yuan

Shengquan group is the beneficiary of enterprise cooperation. Jiang Chengcheng, vice president of the group, introduced that Shengquan has arranged 42 key projects in the copper based new material industry convergence and development base of our city, with an annual consumption of 20000 tons of methanol, 30000 tons of urea and 40000 cubic meters of hydrogen, all of which are provided by Mingquan chemical and Riyue chemical in the park, which can save 37million yuan in transportation costs every year

it is estimated that through deepening enterprise cooperation, enterprises in the park reduced costs by 182million yuan last year

extend the industrial chain: improve efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction

if the industrial chain is extended one step, the enterprise's efficiency will increase by one level. Diao Town, based on reality, encourages and guides enterprises to accelerate transformation and upgrading, extend the industrial chain, climb from the middle and low end of the industrial chain to the high end, grow and strengthen the industrial chain, and promote the upgrading of traditional industries and products. In 2009, enterprises in the park produced 47 new products by extending the industrial chain, accounting for 37.5% of the new profits of enterprises

the global financial crisis has caused domestic export enterprises to encounter a "cold winter", but it is a hot development scene in China Fluorine Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

xiaoyuling, deputy manager of the company, said, "in order to resolve the crisis, China fluoride has deeply tapped the potential, promoted the vertical extension and lengthening of the industrial chain, and produced significant benefits."

China fluoro chemical was originally an enterprise with tetrafluoropropanol as the leading product. Facing the pressure of declining exports, the company quickly adjusted and further extended the industrial chain, and developed and produced fluorine-containing fabric finishing agent with tetrafluoropropanol as the raw material. This product broke the technological monopoly of Daikin group in Japan and quickly opened the international market. At the same time, octafluoropentanol, a by-product of tetrafluoropropanol, is used as raw material to develop and produce waterborne propane acid paint stain resistant agent. As the product is green, safe and environmentally friendly, it is in short supply as soon as it is listed. These two products account for 37.1% of the benefits of China fluoride and have become an important fulcrum for the development of the company

according to the idea of "extending the chain, recycling, energy conservation and emission reduction", Diao town supports enterprises to develop the industrial chain of circular economy to achieve win-win economic, social and ecological benefits. The straw comprehensive utilization chain of Shengquan group uses corncob, corn straw and cotton firewood as raw materials to produce furfural, furfural alcohol, furan resin, tetrahydrofuran, polytetrahydrofuran and other products. Furfural residue (straw residue) can be used as boiler fuel to generate electricity. After combustion, the residue can be made into organic fertilizer and returned to the field, forming a complete closed cycle chain. At present, Shengquan group consumes 150000 tons of waste residue annually for biomass power generation, saves 43000 tons of standard coal, and reduces costs by more than 7.2 million yuan

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