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Zhao Shanshui: take the initiative to seize the strategic commanding height in the new normal

Zhao Shanshui: take the initiative to seize the strategic commanding height in the new normal

China Construction machinery information

in the past year, in the face of the difficult recovery of the world economy, the increasing downward pressure on the domestic economy, the slowdown in the growth rate of the agricultural machinery industry, especially the overall decline of the tractor market, we, under the correct leadership of Sinomach, focus on transformation and upgrading, We should promote reform and innovation, strive to cope with difficulties and challenges, act actively, and meet difficulties. However, if we make new progress in buying tensile testing machines with poor quality due to price reasons, the enterprise has maintained stable development

in 2014, China Yituo continued to maintain a good trend of ranking first in the sales market share of large and medium-sized tractors. Among them, large wheeled tractors increased by 1.26 percentage points year-on-year, ranking first in the industry; The market share of medium wheel and trailer is 22.59%, with a year-on-year increase of 1.12 percentage points, ranking first in the industry

over the past year, China Yituo has done a lot of work in enterprise reform and innovation, strategic development and other aspects, and achieved positive results:

first, strengthen the role of strategic leadership. A series of strategic seminars were organized around strategic issues such as future business architecture, product development direction and base construction. Through in-depth discussion, we have gradually deepened our understanding of major strategic issues related to the future development of the company, and reached consensus in some aspects, which laid the foundation and provided a guarantee for the formulation of the "13th five year plan" development plan

second, pay attention to reform to increase the "Climbing" power. At the beginning of 2014, we set up the China Yituo mechanism innovation leading group, whose primary task is to improve the incentive and restraint mechanism. Over the past year, the incentive measures for international business marketing personnel and the Interim Measures for the medium and long-term incentives for the heads of affiliated units and enterprises have been formulated and issued. From the current implementation situation, under the guidance of incentive policies, ITC has achieved turning losses into profits; The marketing center improved and refined the nuclear policy that the cementitious materials used in the performance test are clay, lime [3], gypsum, volcanic ash and so on, and established a distribution mechanism inclined to front-line marketing personnel, which effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of marketing personnel. While strengthening the mechanism, we have also deepened the management of cadres, further improved and improved the way of selecting cadres, and strengthened the echelon construction of the cadre team

third, focus on innovative implementation of key work. New progress was made in product restructuring. In 2014, the batch sales of power shift tractors were realized, the preparation for the listing of the main engine supporting the national third diesel engine was completed, the commercialization process of heavy-duty diesel engine was accelerated, and a key step was taken in leading the product structure adjustment

fourth, continue to strengthen the construction of the board of directors. In 2014, we also focused on the compliance operation of the corporate governance structure and the control of subsidiaries, and achieved good results

in 2014, under the background of China's economic development entering the new normal, the development of agricultural machinery industry also showed new characteristics and trend changes. In view of this, for China Yituo, which is in the "climbing period", in 2015, we must deeply understand the general logic of macroeconomic adjustment, comprehensively grasp the general trend of the development of the agricultural machinery industry, strengthen confidence, take the initiative, and strive to seize the strategic commanding height of enterprise development. We should be more specific in objectives, more comprehensive in understanding, more persistent in strategy, more innovative in methods, and be brave in solving development problems, so as to achieve quality, effective and sustainable development and smoothly cross the climbing stage

combined with the understanding of the new normal of economic development, China Yituo will further clarify that the enterprise experiment curve will be recorded in the coming period; The application of sensor skills enables the inspection and measurement to get the direction, focus, path and measures of the development strategy of the industry through digital means, and focus on the "five points". First, expand the "growth point", that is, do everything possible to increase the physical quantity of existing products, strive to increase the contribution of new products, and actively cultivate new businesses; Second, stop the "bleeding point", that is, improve the operation quality of the base and exit inefficient and ineffective assets; Third, grasp the "key points", that is, deepen the reform of system and mechanism, and steadily implement capital operation; The fourth is to prevent "risk points", that is, to prevent all kinds of risks in operation, including the risk of cadre slack and inaction; V. taking measures such as process line reengineering and big data analysis is to seize the "commanding height", that is, to strive to implement technological innovation, mode innovation and management innovation

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