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Zhao Kuan: won the honorary title of "2014 top ten outstanding figures in China's industry"

on June 26, the 11th China industry forum, CO hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology as the guiding unit, the China Center for international economic exchange as the special supporting unit, the China Federation of industrial economics as the supporting unit, and China industry news, was grandly held in Beijing. Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd. won the "2014 China industrial demonstration unit", and Zhao Kuan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, won the honorary title of "2014 China's top ten outstanding figures in industry"

introduction: on June 26, the 11th China industry forum, CO hosted by the Ministry of industry and information technology as the guiding unit, the China Center for international economic exchange as the special supporting unit, the China Federation of industrial economics as the supporting unit, and China industry news, was grandly held in Beijing. Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd. won the honor of 2014 China industrial demonstration unit, and Zhao Kuan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, won the honorary title of 2014 China's top ten outstanding figures in industry

in East Anhui, he is a famous figure. Through decades of hard work, he has built the enterprise he led into an industry leader and become a model of innovation and entrepreneurship for private enterprises in Anhui. His entrepreneurial spirit and contribution to society have won public praise and recognition from the party and the government. He was awarded the honorary title of national model worker and went to Beijing for recognition on April 28. He is Zhao Kuan, deputy to the 12th Anhui Provincial People's Congress, chairman and party secretary of Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd

Zhao Kuan lived in the backward countryside in the 1970s. In 1974, several farmers who were unwilling to be poor came up with the idea of setting up factories to make money. They raised 800 yuan and hired four masters from Jiangsu to set up hardware and oilstone factories in five dilapidated huts. However, 150 days later, the hired master carried 600 yuan to comprehensively assess whether it met the national standards or the relevant provisions of the industry to prevent the laboratory personnel from entering the laboratory machine to recycle waste samples, and never returned under the excuse of business trip. The small factory just started was facing premature death, and everyone was at a loss. At this time, Zhao Kuan, a worker in the factory, resolutely set up a small Anle hardware oilstone factory to produce oilstone, wire drawing, tungsten steel drill bits and other low-end products. In such a difficult environment, with determination and perseverance, the enterprise took the first step forward, successfully dug the first bucket of gold, and accumulated original capital for Tiankang group

agile insight and capture are essential skills for entrepreneurs, and so is Zhao Kuan. There are few domestic enterprises producing temperature instruments, thermocouples and thermal resistors. If I can make cross-border transformation and tackle key problems in this field, I will be in the forefront of China. Zhao Kuan soon began to invest in R & D and production, and with reliable product quality, he entered the national large and medium-sized enterprises such as Daqing Oilfield and Liaohe Oilfield

achievements do not mean stagnation. Seeing that the domestic power industry has always hoped to speed up the research on supercritical parameter coal-fired unit projects, as an integral part of this project, thermocouple and thermal resistance products have been neglected for many years due to their special casing materials and properties. Zhao Kuan seized the opportunity to lead the research team to consult a large number of foreign materials and information, trial produce samples, and make breakthroughs and innovations. Zhao Kuan said that after continuous tests, our supercritical products replaced imports, filling the domestic gap

with the rapid development of domestic economic construction, optical cables and other series of products have gradually become the demand of many domestic enterprises and major construction projects. After the successful development of the instrument industry, Zhao Kuan keenly observed the market prospect of optical cables again, and took the lead to seize the commanding height. With such a fighting spirit, Tiankang group once again embarked on the road of transformation and upgrading, began to devote itself to the development of cables, and entered the optical cable industry. Since the establishment of the optical cable production line, it has achieved excellent results in the bidding of key projects at home and abroad over the years, and has established friendly relations with dozens of power enterprises, nearly 100 petrochemical enterprises and enterprises in other industries to provide high-quality products and services. Zhao Kuan said that Anhui Tiankang optical cable industry is moving towards the strategic goals of large-scale production capacity, internationalization of product quality and globalization of market share

Zhao Kuan and his Tiankang group also continue to expand their fields, establish Tiankang pharmaceutical company and Tiankang medical supplies company, and build Tiankang high-tech park, which is the first in the province and the first-class in the country and mainly produces biological products and Chinese and Western medicine. With the assistance of famous scientific research institutions inside and outside the province, it has successively developed a number of national new drugs, some of which have also been listed as national Torch Program projects and national key new products, and have received special fund support from the Ministry of finance

relying on innovation, Anhui Tiankang has developed dozens of varieties in almost three years. No matter the enterprise is in any stage of development or produces any products, we will adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the focus of enterprise progress, and accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading as the foothold of enterprise sustainable development. Zhao Kuan, chairman of Anhui Tiankang group, pointed to the word Kuan in his name and said that only by widening the road of transformation and upgrading of Tiankang group, can the group go further and stronger

transform the new energy industry. Through repeated research, enterprises have found that file ion batteries are suitable for energy storage, as well as new energy vehicles and new energy rail transit technologies. In particular, lithium titanate batteries have the characteristics of high and low temperature, long service life, zero pollution, high rate charge discharge power generation, safety and recyclability, due to other lithium-ion batteries. In 2008, Tiankang Group invested more than 60 million yuan to build new energy research institutes and three key laboratories in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. It has successively hired a number of domestic and foreign industry experts to carry out research and development, with a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan for the project. Zhao Kuan led Tiankang people to take the first step of the lithium titanate battery project

nowadays, Tiankang lithium titanate battery project has been listed as a key new product project of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and one of the five growth source projects in Anhui Province, and has been evaluated as a domestic leading and international advanced project by industry experts. The company has built a plant of about 600000 square meters. According to the large-scale battery production line of 2000 national electric vehicles and 10000 units per day, it has been completed and put into use. The team led by Zhao Kuan won the second prize of 2011 National Science and Technology Progress Award; In 2012, lithium titanate battery passed the new product identification and scientific and technological product identification; In 2013, lithium titanate battery passed the national key new product appraisal; In September, 2013, the product entered the U.S. market and was applied to American orthodox buses; In 20131, Zhao Kuan was awarded the leading figure award of strategic emerging industries in Anhui Province. In 2014, the product was applied to Ankai bus, and the product announcement number was the 261st batch in 2014; Included in the national subsidy project

the revitalization of enterprises depends on reform, the driving force of reform depends on innovation, and the root of innovation is talent. Zhao Kuan knows that the competition of enterprises is ultimately the competition of talents. Tiankang group has formulated a scientific implementation plan for the construction of staff quality project. Every year, 3million yuan is invested in the training and training of all kinds of personnel. Every two years, it organizes large-scale training, military training and martial arts competitions, and trains and selects more than 620 technical pacesetters and professional and technical leaders of all kinds; The group has established academician workstation and post doctoral scientific research workstation

after 40 years of development, Anhui Tiankang (Group) Co., Ltd. has become a national high-tech enterprise, China's quality integrity enterprise, AA bank credit enterprise, China's top 100 electronic information enterprises, China's top three in the instrument industry, the top ten in the wire and cable industry, and China's private enterprise manufacturing industry. First of all, we need to know that the main components of wood flour are cellulose + lignin + hemicellulose 500 enterprises, and Anhui top 100 enterprises, And won the National May Day Labor award

in the eyes of employees, he is Bole who knows people and is good at their duties; In the eyes of the industry, he is the benchmark of innovation; In the eyes of ordinary people, he is the leader of business. We should constantly adopt management innovation, system innovation, technology innovation and product innovation to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Zhao Kuan said that only in this way can the road of innovation, transformation and upgrading of Tiankang group be wider and wider, lay a solid foundation for the realization of ten billion Tiankang, and add new impetus to the promotion of local economic development

as a well-known domestic manufacturer and supplier of temperature, pressure, flow, level and complete sets of instruments, Anhui Tiankang Group Co., Ltd. continuously optimizes the original traditional products under the fierce market environment, develops high-tech and high-performance instrument products, and better provides technical support and product services for customers in the production process control instruments, As a subsidiary of Tiankang group, Anhui Tiankang Co., Ltd. always adheres to the leap forward, so that it can have the excellent Tiankang spirit to constantly explore a broad market

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