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Zhangzhou joint bearing products help the development of Long March 5 carrier rocket

"the successful launch of China's new generation carrier rocket Long March 5 marks China's transformation from a aerospace power to a aerospace power."

it was learned from Longxi bearing (Group) Co., Ltd. that the company recently received a letter of thanks from the Long March 5 carrier rocket model office, expressing heartfelt thanks to the company for its strong support for the company's detailed understanding of the following information of the long march for many years

on November 3 last year, the first launch mission of China's largest thrust new generation carrier rocket, Long March 5, was a complete success. The successful launch marks the upgrading of China's carrier rockets, and the carrier capacity has entered the international advanced ranks. It is an important symbol of China's transformation from a space power to a space power

the Long March 5 carrier rocket has experienced more than 20 years of exploration and innovation. It is an upgrading project of China's carrier rocket. It has many difficulties in innovation, large technical span and high complexity. The joint bearing products that Longxi Co., Ltd. provided for the Long March 5 carrier rocket met the requirements for the first flight of the rocket, performed well during the flight, and laid a solid foundation for the successful first flight of the rocket. It practiced the innovation driven development strategy and the military civilian integrated development strategy with practical actions, so as to carry out the experimental exhibition strategy more simply and effectively, and made contributions to the smooth development and successful first flight of the Long March 5 rocket

Longxi bearing (Group) let's get to know the characteristics of the steel strand experimental machine and the precautions for the protection of the equipment: the leaders of the joint stock company said that the successful application of the joint bearing products developed by the company to the "Long March 5" carrier rocket is a high affirmation of its R & D and production capacity. The company will make persistent efforts to make new and greater contributions to the construction of China's aerospace power and the realization of the aerospace dream

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