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Zhangjiakou police quickly solved a series of cable theft cases, and two men were arrested

recently, the Criminal Police Brigade of Huailai County Public Security Bureau braved the cold and fought for six consecutive days and nights to successfully detect a series of cases of theft of communication cables. All the two suspect came to the case, adding great achievements to the "Jingcheng No. 1" action

at the beginning of the 2020 new year, the criminal police brigade received a number of cable theft alarms:

on January 8, about 300 meters of cable laid by China Unicom Huailai branch in the east of liguantun village, beixinbao town was stolen, with a loss value of more than 150 yuan, such as more than 00 yuan

on January 12, more than 150 meters of cables laid by China Unicom Huailai branch near Shacheng town market were stolen, which damaged the tensile performance of plastic tensile testing machine and lost value of more than 12000 yuan

(photos of the stolen scene)

the continuous occurrence of several cases of theft of communication cables has aroused the great attention of Huailai County Bureau. Cuipeng, deputy county head and director of public security, issued instructions, requiring rapid detection and results before the Spring Festival. Ma Hongyue, the deputy director, and Li Yingjian, the team leader, organized a capable police force to fully carry out the investigation work

the police handling cases day and night, combining modern information investigation technology with traditional detection means, comprehensively investigated and carefully studied and judged. With the deepening of the detection work, the initial clamping force is small, and the context of the case is gradually clear:

in many cases, the physical characteristics of the suspect are similar, and the crime vehicle is a white Chery Ruihu car, which is preliminarily determined to be the work of the same gang

the owner of the suspicious vehicle is a woman. After careful investigation, the vehicle was used by a man of Li mouxi (male, 45 years old, from Huai'an county), and Li mouxi's physical characteristics are very similar to those of a suspect in the case

the police handling the case opened their minds and investigated Li's social relations. Soon, Ni (male, 51 years old, from Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou City), who often stayed with him, came into the police's investigation line of sight

(Crime vehicle)

the suspect of the case is locked, and the arrest begins immediately. The police who handled the case rushed to Huai'an County, Wanquan District, Zhangjiakou City, and found out the foothold of the two suspects through intelligent vehicle terminals, it technology and big data, such as Xuanhua district and Xiahuayuan district. Finally, it was determined that suspect Li Yixi lived in a community in Chaigoubao Town, Huai'an County, and Ni lived in beishacheng village, Wanquan district

(the suspect identified the scene)

in order to ensure the success of the arrest and the smooth interrogation, the police handling the case carefully studied and attacked cautiously. They went to two places to carry out arrest twice, but finally chose to give up because they did not have the conditions for simultaneous arrest

no matter how cunning a fox is, it can't fight a good hunter. On January 20, the two suspects drove the crime vehicle again and appeared in Huailai, which was finally successfully captured by the police of Zhang Yichang

after interrogation, suspect Li mouxi and Ni confessed to the criminal facts of stealing cables. At present, the two people have been criminally detained according to law, and the work of digging up more crimes and obtaining evidence is in progress

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