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Zhao Wanbang visited Wuhan Huaxia glass products Co., Ltd.

on the afternoon of March 29, Zhao Wanbang, the Deputy Secretary General of the association, visited Wuhan Huaxia glass products Co., Ltd. and the deputy general manager of Huaxia company could make appropriate repairs when necessary. Xu hanyao, a senior engineer, received him

vice president Xu introduced the company's situation: Wuhan Huaxia glass products Co., Ltd. is a former state-owned large-scale class II enterprise established and put into operation in 1958. It is located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, which is known as the thoroughfare of nine provinces. The road transportation extends in all directions, and the railway and water transportation are very convenient. It was restructured into a private enterprise in 2000, and it is the largest glass bottle manufacturer in central and southern China. The company has two factory areas, covering an area of more than 200 mu and employing more than 1500 employees. At present, there are five kilns that can meet the harsh requirements of the automotive industry, including two kilns in the new plant area and three kilns in the old plant area. There are a total of 13 bottle making production lines, with an output of about 170000 tons in 2010. Nearly 600million coal enterprises themselves should actively adapt to the new normal glass bottles and produce all kinds of beer bottles, white wine bottles, infusion bottles, etc. Beer bottles are mainly sold to Budweiser, snowflake, Yanjing, Yapi and other beer companies; Wuhan Shuanghe is the largest user of the company's infusion bottles, and Baijiu bottles are supplied to the surrounding Baijiu production enterprises. Vice president Xu said that at present, the company's products do not worry about sales

Deputy Secretary General Zhao briefed deputy general manager Xu on the economic operation of the national household glass industry in 2010 and the recent activities of the association, jointly discussed and analyzed the production pattern of the glass bottle and can industry in Hubei Province, and communicated and exchanged information on the "access conditions for household glass industry" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology and implemented on March 1

Deputy Secretary General Zhao thanked deputy general manager Xu for his reception and expressed his greetings to Chairman Tan through him

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