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Zhaoying technology successfully held the Windows CE training course

in the afternoon of September 5, 2007, in the conference room of Zhaoying Technology (Xi'an) Co., Ltd., people from all industries who are interested in embedded application and development participated in the first phase of Zhaoying technology's Windows CE operating system training course, in which Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi, giants in the field of win vehicles, are all bright pearls of German manufacturing industry. The lecturer of this training in recent years is Mr. Zhou Jianshe, a senior software engineer of Zhaoying technology

the whole training course is divided into two parts. Mr. Zhou first introduced the development and architecture of embedded systems, and compared several common embedded systems. Then Ms. Zhou explained the features and applications of windw if she didn't know the COM port connected. Finally, for how to enter the field of Windows CE development, teacher Zhou believes that there are the following two prerequisites: 1. Have a programming foundation of c/c++; 2. Have a certain concept of embedded development. In the second part, teacher Zhou used practical application cases to guide students to master the creation, reduction, customization and development of Windows CE operating system step by step. The students have a deep understanding of the development process under the Windows CE platform

let's listen to the comments of the students:

this lecture is quite profound. I have a new understanding of the embedded development environment of Windows CE for the first time

let everyone have an overall understanding of WinCE, and the lecture was relatively successful

I have gained a lot and solved the practical problems I encountered. I hope I can often participate in relevant introductions on what to do in the future

students listen carefully

students have a happy group photo

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