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On February 28, the author learned from Chengdu Railway Bureau that the first batch of 10 vehicles and 12 heavy excavators sent from Guiyang west railway station to Uzbekistan via the Central Asia railway channel will leave the country from China's Alashankou railway port and be transported to tiermez, thereby reducing the input of raw materials. The competition with the chain drive is quite fierce

this time, Chengdu Railway Bureau seized the potential business opportunities of the railway international intermodal logistics market, vigorously promoted and developed the China Europe Express Chengdu Europe + and Chongqing New Europe Express, and after organizing Chengdu China Railway Southwest International Logistics Co., Ltd. to contact and obtain the international railway intermodal transportation project of Guizhou Zhanyang power heavy industry, Make use of the advantageous resources of the Central Asia railway channel to "Customize" the logistics and shipping plan with high quality and low price for the export of Guiyang manufacturing heavy industrial machinery. On February 20, the first batch of 10 trucks and 12 heavy excavators of the project completed the customs declaration and loading of goods at Guiyang West Railway Station, and were sent out on the same day. As the efficient, high-quality and professional service quality of railway international intermodal logistics has won the favor of international and domestic enterprises, more than 100 excavators produced by Guizhou Zhanyang power heavy industry Co., Ltd. will also be transported and exported from this way

according to the rotary friction and wear experimental machine solution, Guizhou zhanzaishai Jiyang power heavy industry Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise that took the lead in developing hydraulic excavators in China, and it is also a leading enterprise in the "national emergency industry demonstration base" of Guiyang Economic Development Zone. The company's products include emergency rescue engineering equipment, high-speed special engineering equipment, wheeled and crawler excavators, and special engineering machinery derived from the excavator chassis. In recent years, with the in-depth promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, Guizhou Zhanyang power heavy industry Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to develop overseas markets: in the African market, focusing on the layout of African "the Belt and Road" countries, it has established an overseas marketing platform centered on Kenya to launch a full range of marketing activities including exhibition, service, after-sales, equipment leasing, etc; Cooperate with local enterprises in export business in the Middle East market; In the markets of Central Asia and Southeast Asia, new terminal channels will be established in the countries along the "the Belt and Road" through the integration of the development mode of the African market

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