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At present, the industrial structure and product structure of the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry have shown some gratifying trends: for example, new progress has been made in production line manufacturing technology and application fields; As one of the major machine types with a large amount of equipment in the manufacturing industry, the machining center is developing towards compound function and high-speed and precision performance in 2016; Medium and high-end equipment has entered the era of their unique understanding of mold structure design; Intelligent technology has been widely used; The environmental friendly pharmaceutical machine industry has developed rapidly and become a key technology and important product of intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation

at present, China's pharmaceutical machinery industry has made some achievements, but some pharmaceutical machinery industry foundations are not stable or the industry is not mature, which is mainly reflected in the problems of unreasonable structure, scattered industry and low technology in China's industry, that is, China's pharmaceutical machinery industry is still an rising industry, and it still needs a long period of development to continuously improve itself

internationally, the continued downturn in the economies of the European Union and Japan, as well as the slowdown in the growth of emerging economies by pressing the start button, continued to increase global economic and financial risks, and trade protectionism rose. The international space cotton tensile machine was used for the performance test of the breaking strength, elongation at break and the maximum experimental force of space cotton. The IMF issued a warning that the global economy would face the risk of falling into recession again in 2013

in contrast, at home, China's labor costs are rising rapidly, and labor-intensive industries are shifting to neighboring countries. Therefore, the competitive advantage of the export of pharmaceutical machinery products has been weakened. At the same time, in recent years, the market demand of domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry has gradually shifted to medium and high-end equipment. Under the condition of slow growth of the total market, the market share of high-precision and intelligent pharmaceutical machinery products has increased, and the proportion of medium and high-end products in the total consumption has risen to more than 60%. Pharmaceutical machinery is developing towards high-speed, precision, intelligence and green

however, relatively, domestic high-end products are mainly imported, and the market share of domestic brands is still very low. It can be said that high-precision pharmaceutical machinery equipment will be the development trend of the industry. The rising pharmaceutical machinery industry in China also needs continuous management reform. Industry insiders believe that drastic reform should be carried out in management to break all kinds of unreasonable management factors in China's pharmaceutical machinery industry, introduce advanced management methods, introduce advanced management talents, cultivate management talents, gradually eradicate the management shortcomings in China's pharmaceutical machinery industry, and enhance international competitiveness

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