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The explosive growth of LED display will usher in a new era

at present, although the voice of fierce competition in the LED display industry continues to be heard, there is no doubt that with the improvement of digitalization and product performance, the LED display market will become more and more prosperous. It is estimated that the market value of the functional large commercial display (LFD) realized by the experimental machine system will reach US $14.93 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7% from 2017 to 2023. At present, LED display is gradually acquiring traditional commercial display devices. The explosive growth in this field provides another possibility for the future growth of LED display. The production of HD products such as small spacing will further promote the increase of LED display market share

in addition, the strong support of inland provinces and cities for the LED industry has also greatly reduced the operating pressure of LED screen enterprises, helped enterprises to increase the costs of research and development, production, promotion and other aspects, and helped the development of enterprises... All these show that although it is an era of fierce competition, it is also the best era for screen enterprises to achieve leapfrog development

in the future, the market will be broad and the segments will be prosperous

CSR Guiyang will purchase the 36.79% equity of Wharton held by Zhuzhou in cash, and the replacement of assets will be carried out at the same time, which is mutually conditional. The outdoor advertising report of the research institute points out that the global outdoor advertising market shows a trend that traditional static billboards and posters are replaced by digital signage systems. In addition, another Chinese media report also pointed out that the total media spending in China will increase by 7.8% to 581.39 billion yuan in 2017, while the growth rate of outdoor advertising will reach 8.1%. Combined with the characteristics of high tolerance and outdoor applicability of LED display, there is no doubt that its market share in the field of outdoor display will be further improved

in terms of the market demand for LED displays, the strong growth momentum of small spacing undoubtedly brings new hopes to the industry. According to the enterprise performance report in the first quarter, the performance of most key manufacturers of LED small spacing screens was brilliant, and the sales volume of small spacing products of individual manufacturers increased by more than 50%. Moreover, with the increase of output and the decline of cost, small spacing display products also began to penetrate from the high-end field into the low-end field and the large screen field, which is bound to bring a new round of product upgrading and further stimulate market demand

in addition, the demand for subdivisions has gradually become prominent. In the past two years, led transparent screen has successfully entered the business display and dance beauty market with a sense of technology and fashion, releasing the charm of transparent display; Led shaped screen is also popular in bars, dance and other fields with its unconventional shape and customized mode; Led tile screen, LED flexible screen, intelligent LED display, and LED display combined with VR/AR, naked eye 3D and other more detailed fields have also begun to flourish, and will further expand the display demand

such a broad prospect is not inferior to the previous time when the market was not vigorously developed and people did not know enough about LED displays. In the LED display industry, we should be glad that the market education is more adequate, but it is not saturated, and the emerging fields have great potential, so that enterprises have enough space to develop the blue ocean of the market

technology comes first in the era of "smart manufacturing"

recently, the topic of made in China has become hot again. Different from before, now made in China has been completely redefined. Words such as high quality, innovation and high-quality products are used to describe products made in China, and even "manufacturing" slowly begins to change to "smart manufacturing". In line with this phenomenon, the products of Chinese LED screen enterprises are also expanding overseas, not only in the downstream application end products, upstream chips and other fields with high technical requirements, but also domestic enterprises have begun to gradually open up their own positions

in this case, is it not a good time for LED screen enterprises? With the introduction of policies such as made in China 2025 and the "the Belt and Road", it is more convenient for LED screen enterprises to go abroad, and the reputation of made in China in the world has increased significantly, as well as the popularity of Chinese LED display screens in the world, which is of great benefit to enterprises to obtain market trust. It is reported that in April, the export market scale of China's LED display products reached US $141 million, a record high in a single month, with a year-on-year increase of 29.5%. With the improvement of the quality and reputation of China's LED screen, domestic LED screen enterprises will gain greater development space in the overseas market

moreover, in this era of technology first, what small and medium-sized screen enterprises and large enterprises can still compete is no longer price, but technology

large enterprises have abundant funds, which can temporarily reduce profits and compete with small and medium-sized enterprises to the end, but technology can shorten the distance between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the survey of HC LED screen and HCR, 77.42% of the respondents were worried about the poor quality of LED display when purchasing. It can be seen that quality has become the most concerned problem of display screen end users. Therefore, in today's serious homogenization of LED display screens, small and medium-sized enterprises do not even need to spend too much effort on research and development, but work in the direction of product optimization and performance improvement, so as to improve the competitiveness of Elsevier in the market, launch Knovel resin matrix composite database, and obtain a larger market share

continuous integration without downtime

although the integration speed of LED display industry has accelerated in recent years, the number of enterprises eliminated so far is limited. Even due to the low requirements of entry capital and technology, new enterprises continue to appear during the integration period. Moreover, compared with the upstream LED chip and LED packaging field, the industry concentration of LED display screen is not high. Even though price battles have occurred in recent years, except for some "zombie" manufacturers, most small and medium-sized enterprises are still strong. It can be seen that the process of industry integration is not over, and small and medium-sized enterprises need not be discouraged first

in addition, although several large enterprises have been formed in the industry, there are no enterprises with superior brand awareness throughout the industry. According to the survey, nearly half of buyers believe that brands and suppliers are 1 Modular function of test standard: it provides users with electronic tensile testing machine. There are too many test standard settings to be used, so they don't know how to choose; One third of manufacturers believe that users have no brand concept. In the case of low brand maturity, it is undoubtedly an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises - in the absence of public recognition of brands, customers need to be more patient to understand different brands. Small and medium-sized enterprises can get customers' trust and choice through publicity, service, quality and other efforts, and they will have more opportunities

in fact, no matter how mature the industry is, opportunities always exist. Just as in the era of Microsoft system dominating the world, apple can still rely on technology and innovation to break through, and even now its market value is much higher than the former. So, now that the LED display is still mixed, what reason do we have to complain about "not with me"? Although there are challenges at present, there are also opportunities. What enterprises in the LED display industry can achieve a career in the so-called turbulent times? We will wait and see

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