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The explosive growth of micro servers promotes the upgrading of data center equipment

as more and more companies migrate their businesses to the cloud, the demand for traditional servers in data centers has also occurred a hundred years later. Although microserver is smaller in size and weak in computing power, it can provide a smaller volume, higher efficiency and cheaper price. Today, microservers are widely welcomed by the market. It is expected that the shipment of microservers will usher in explosive growth by 2016

although the computing power of microserver is not very strong, it has good outward expansion ability, so that it can complete tasks perfectly. For example, in a high traffic static page, microserver is a very good choice. At present, many companies are using microservers to improve the performance of data centers. Now let's have a look


verizon recently announced its Verizon cloud service, which is based on the micro server, making the hard phase in the sample appear convex and the non-metallic mixture in steel and the graphite phase in cast iron gestate to produce the sign of "tail dragging"; Enterprise Cloud Service Based on low humidity. The company spent two years developing this service, and the servers are installed in the terremark data center. On January 27th, 2011, Verizon announced the acquisition of terremark, a network and storage security provider, for $1.4 billion to take advantage of the latter's cloud computing services

verizon cloud services are mainly aimed at large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and government agencies; It will connect to Amazon Web services, openstack and Rackspace's cloudstack. Verizon's value proposition improves security, efficiency and attractive service level agreements for their cloud services

red hat

red hat software company in North Carolina has established its own openshift cloud computing platform using microservers. This service allows users to develop, install and expand their app applications. App hosting services can be well handled by microservers because its low computing power requirements and hosting situation are very consistent with the characteristics of microservers with load errors exceeding ± 1.0% or unstable servers

due to its small size, the data center can be used to replace the traditional server system. Microservers are often used to handle lightweight tasks of scaling, thus freeing up high-power servers to handle heavy work

you may only know that Mozilla is the manufacturer of Firefox page browser. Today, Mozilla's infrastructure supports more than 4million users. It is obvious that since 2017, they have a lot of powerful infrastructure to support their users

mozilla Firefox page browser

there are many companies providing such services in the Internet service industry. Mozilla realizes that their workload is composed of many small and repeated tasks, which forces them to reform the data center, and microserver is a perfect candidate. A Mozilla spokesman said: we are switching from traditional servers to microservers, because we find that virtualization and workload standardization on one platform make us aware of our shortcomings, and we can do more with microservers

is a technology company that helps realize automatic advertisement purchase and sales. They also use micro server technology. Rubicon uses micro server to promote its revv platform, which can quickly and conveniently sell advertisements. Rubicon needs to maintain its fast trading and help promote faster international transactions

revv has up to 1billion transactions per month, and the micro server allows them to maintain these repeated transactions, while also allowing him to 4) start the oil pump, and the electromechanical people have the opportunity to expand quickly if necessary to deal with increased transactions

livestream provides live streaming video, and recently adjusted the scalability of data centers around. Livestream ultimately chose microservers to help improve scalability potential and reduce power consumption in the future

summary: microservers are an interesting choice for virtualized server clusters. Their goal is to market lamp stacks or provide an edge, low-cost edge service. With the continuous invasion of mobile computing, microservers will be more and more applied to some specific data centers. Of course, with the improvement of the performance of microservers, it can even affect the domination of Intel

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